My 3-months MIA.

Being reminded that I should maintain my blog, and that I can not update my blog for up to 3 months. Here’s proofsssssssssssssss why I haven’t blog. 🙂 Enjoy yeah. Then after that, you all must listen to my weekend story. Heh.
And I’ll show some super beginner skills of my photoshop. Heh.

I stumbled upon these…

During December…

Victor came to watch my dance. Kimmo got lost. 😦

For Graph Comm, I emailed the person who created this. She’s 15 from Italy!

I watched The Holiday with Fung on the day before my brithday. I find myself quite pathetic. The movie was fab and I fell in love with Jude Law. Haha. Only to be warned by Eileen that he’s the one who slept with that ugly nanny. MEN, another bastard. So oh well, no more fetish. It’s still back to Mr. Darcy.
Kristie has that Harry Potter Planner! I even went down to Borders to check out but it was SOLD OUT! 😦
Mr. Antonio here is my Spanish teacher. He doesn’t look like that now. He’s got hair all over his face. He looked like he grew older, became mature, and more manly. Hur.

This is extremely annoying. We filmed for 3 days and I stood in the scorching sun for 5 hours straight. It was so bad. Now I have the ugly 2-tone skin. I look like I’m wearing a bra without wearing a bra. Get it?

There will never be lack of my self-shots. 🙂

Woah, I didn’t know Photoshop editing could waste so much of my time. I was just anyhow editing and playing around with the tools and now it’s like 12am already.



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