Latop woes

Although being put down much by the loss of my ibook G4,I have been trying to cope with my loss, having to endure the SUPER freakin’ slow desktop COMPUTER as compared to the handy 1.83GHZ ibook G4.

I think by the end of 3 weeks when I have my new laptop (it’s the fastest possible already), I would become a more patient person, or for the worse, a more violent person. Of course you know, when the mouse is problematic, you slam it etc. You know.
What is the only thing that stopped me from whacking the CPU is because my camera photos are still able to process! Woohoo. But, the upright photos have to be hosted my photobucket in order to rotate them. =.= Waste of my time. Oh well. (Looks like photobucket doesn’t seem to work, *roll eyes*) I really want to put them in this “pensieve” of mine. Hur. I’ll put them up next time then.
On Wednesday, Hansen (Victor’s good pal) and both of us went to Aspire Cafe to cover another article. Heh heh. Although this time we DID utilise the chance to eat and play games there. Pretty awesome place actually. But then again, if you’re looking for rare games, you should look at Settler’s cafe instead. I love this cosy, comfortable place.
The games available, including pick up sticks(VICTOR was so lousy at this that he cheated, pushing my hands while I was picking it, filthy!) and Rubik’s cube and the magnetic fishing game (EILEEN!) A very small range as compared to Settler’s cafe, but incomparison, they’ve got really tasty food.

I don’t see the need to elaborate eh?

Because I’ve never played Cluedo and it looked very interesting, I begged to play this first. Heh heh. Well, Victor won. He’s good at this kind of erm, cunning games. Hur.


Alot of pictures are missing coz’ they’re portraits, not landscapes. :S

On Friday as I mentioned, was Heatwave’s 15th Anniversary:

We began with that Baracudas, schools drum group, which is the main performance that drew the crowds since they were loud, and well, not bad.

Yes, no matter how many of you HATE him out there, you will still find yourself oddly attracted to him nevertheless. Hur.

And this is my Chinese programme co-host, Crystal, who’s a year 1 now. (I know my pimple is still there, huge as ever.) 😦

Riiiiiight. Just a little bit obsessed with Justin Ang.

The main activity was this hip-hop dance competition, which is very erm, disappointing in my opinion. I’m shocked to see my SC freshie, Vanessa, being the leader of the pack, dancing quite well, but maybe a little too concerned with her annoying fringe covering her face and having to push it out of her face while dancing.

Azhar, the in-house DJ, very experienced, kept the audience occupied.

It was a tad bit awkward when I asked to take photos with my ex-classmates whom I seldom talk to. I guess you can tell from the photo.

I said, just a little obsessed, now you’ve got a clearere view ain’t it?

3 lucky winners were chosen to compete in Drink-a-can-of-Redbull and the fastest to drain all of it, will walk away with a newest Motorala Handphone, worth more than $600. But then again, just by the look of it, the girl won’t win, would she? *shrugs shoulders*

Heatwave crew all can get free Redbull! Heh. And I absolutely love it, my very first can of Redbull. Damn refreshing.

Parthe and I enjoying it. 🙂 Thanks for letting me use your laptop for data transfer!

Whoops! What an awkward position Vernon A! 😀

The winning group, I think they triumph coz’ they mixed their own music, and their dance is a fusion or hip-hop and acting.

(Chong Ern was obviously very excited as well)

This is my classmate Tyler which I think I’ve mentioned before, seemingly cold. But a fantastic graphic designer, in my opinion. 🙂

I really love the material of the bag, but it’s so expensive! $100+ EACH. But you can customize as well as mix-n-match the straps and flaps and bag.

I can’t believe I spent 2 hourse with this entry, just uploading these raw photos. Sigh.

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