The Happiest Thing That Happened This Week

The other day Eileen tagged me to inform me that I’ve entered Runway City’s Fabulous Five of the Month! Whoo! Here: Other than online shopping as a past hobby, I am also an active member of this LJ community! Occasionally I post what I wear and I got in this time. Unfortunately, my competitors this time is famous LJ user, blackpeace, a true fashionista in my opinion (she also has fashion police days), so the votes tally up, I’m like the last of the five. Wahaa, oh well. —————- This was the newspaper article for the semi-finals Fight Club 2007. Uh, I don’t have much comments on that actually. All I can say is, now I really see how a media works, and bloody hell!, I’m going to work in the media when I grow up! —————–



I’ll name this: Tea Break. Butterfinger & a cuppa evil hot chocolate is <3! 😀


I just want to show off my Halloween Witches’ hat I bought from Lotte World.

————- If you’re wondering why I’m bloggin at 4.22am, it’s because I just came back from a very un-fruitful trip to Zouk and Orchard, and I’m going to explain why tomorrow. (I hope!) Meanwhile, I also want to engage more readers! *Motive-ated* Whahaha! Toodles!


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