Ah Yat Abalone

Many birthday boys/girls/men/women fall on April.

Last week was my dad’s. When the clock strikes twelve, it marks the beginning of his Senior Citizen-ship. Sad! But he’ll get to enjoy $4 movie!

That is beyond my point. Starting from now, I have to start mapping my future, earning money and do family planning. Because who knows? Dad may be retrenched any moment with his age and knowledge in the radpidly-growing media industry.

Sis: Pa, your birthday that day, Ting and I treat you to Sushi ok? The Sushi Tei one.

I asked, “You okay with it or not? Or you want something else?”

Dad: I would prefer Chinese food.

I continued, “Then zhi char (a coffeeshop whereby you can order seafood/vegs/soup etc altogether)?”

Dad: I was thinking Ah Yat Abalone.

The bill choked up to $300+.

But what matters is that he enjoyed himself. The ulu Ah Yat is lies deep within the old Turf Club. Judging by the outlook of the restaurant sparse car park, it didn’t look good.

My assumption was wrong. The place was brightly-lit, with loads of neat compartments and tables, each with at least one waitress serving you.

Granny called to ask us helped her pack two packets of Chilli Crab home, so we went out to the foyer. Woh. Regardless of the kinds of sea creatures, they all come in jumbo sizes. I was peering closely at one of the crabs, wanting to touch it when Sis pushed me from behind, scaring me.

Tsk, what childish-ness.

Although I didn’t enjoy the meal as much as I would if I ate at Ichiban Sushi, the Buddha Jumps Over The Wall is heavenly! However, it does leave a sticky feeling on your lips even though you lick it off already.

The best dish there would of course be the Ah Yat Abalone.

The abalone as big as my palm. It’s chewy and very difficult to cut.

But in my opinion, I think it’s the fried rice eh. Hur.

Dad’s birthday cake was Durian flavoured, and it was good, from Emicakes.

So here, a shout out to those celebrating their birthdays, the likes of Fung, Onion, Jo, Vic’s Dad, a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! ^^v


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