This Is Swee….t

My new colleague at my internship has been teaching me a lot things!

Firstly, if you haven’t noticed, a little popcorn icon at the the top left hand corner of your window/minimized bar/title bar lingering there tempting you to grab and munch it. Those using Internet Explorer won’t be able to see it. Firefoxers, ain’t it cute? And it fits my love for salty popcorn! ^^v

This HTML lesson was taught by him, his name’s Swee by the way and he has it on his blog as well. Well ironic but he hates salty popcorn to the core. 😀

Secondly, he helps me take My Paper and Today almost every day (Yah Darryl, I read your sports story almost every day! Haha.). After I read them, I’ll ask him questions sometimes about the world and we would discuss news, then drifted off to gaming and other topics as well. Like yesterday, while reading My Paper, there was this “World Rice Famine” article that shows an undernourished african little girl with lots of flies buzzing around her.

So I was like asking Swee, “What has the buzzing flies got to do with undernourishment?”

I even tried Googling to fine the answer mind you. I thought if someone is undernourished, the flies will know that you are dying soon and will prep to eat you. 0,0 Hur.

But it isn’t. And we conclude that the picture was irrelevant to the story. It’s just showing the situation in Africa. Previously I still told dad I want to go Africa and see the wild animals. With the flies around, uh, I think not. Have you seen it? If not, browse to the paper on 16 April 2008.

Wait, I saw flipped through the online version of today’s paper, and Malaysia MIGHT build Disneyland Theme Park! Okay, that’s it. I’m going to the get paper during lunch later (I hope the guy’s distributing!).

Thirdly, while I was reading Swee’s blog entry, I came across a link:

Goodybooks – I Believe You

And I urge you to read if you have an hour or so to spare. I’m a slow reader, so I probably took three times your time. Heh.

A story by Low Kay Hwa. This ebook ends at chapter 17, and to finish the entire story you need the last three chapters, which you can ask me for it if you want to know the ending. 🙂

I’ll probably continue reading the three other novels he wrote.
I just cannot tahan the character names he/she used like Jacky Wu Zhong(It’s zong lor by the way) Xian, Landy Wen Wen Lan, Zhou Jie Lun etc. Super turn off.

On a last note, I’ve added another widget on my blog, Twitter! This is where I can update my thoughts any time I have one and die die must shout out. Heh. I can do it on my GChat and even with my mobile. Coolness.




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