Friendship Goes Far

In less than a month I know the following two people, we’ve already been to KBox.

It’s quite amazing how we can build such rapport in such a short time. I’m guessing it must be under the influence of a common reason. Hur.
Swee was crooning to emo tunes by Xu Zhi An, Su Yong Kang and Jay Chou.
Though expressionless, Chloe and I agreed that his voice is filled with emotions.
He himself has to admit that this is a good photo because he is actually smiling. (What’s wrong with the guys this era – they all don’t know how to smile?)
Chloe is a drama fanatic and adores pretty boys, that kind machiam like girls one you know?
From 2 – 7.15 PM we sang and sang, refilling our bowls of nuts one after another. Hur.
That basically round up my first outing ever with working partners.
You don’t need a bunch of suckers in a certain environment just to please someone.

Friendships are indeed of importance. 😀
It was pretty awesome.


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