QQ Bare It All

Due to her increasing appearance of bumps and lack of grooming, I’ve decided to shave QQ botak this time, leaving her with only the eyebrows and a short, cute beard.

Despite the fact she looks horribly skinny, I still think that she is absolutely adorable.

Perhaps she’s not used to her new haircut, she came back a very emo dog.

If it’s her usual self, she would be curiously sniffing at the camera, and pose for a quick shot. However this time, she refused.

Still berry cute. Heh. After 6 days, she is now back to her usual self. Being a very good guard dog, QQ has started to bark and growl a little whenever the lift “dings” and/or visitors arriving at our doorstep.

The other day I brought her out for a long walk, she was barking at every stranger and I had to discipline her and she learnt it fast, which makes me a very happy owner.

Later on we also bumped into an auntie with her Jack Russell and we let the dogs play for about 45 minutes.

Finally, somebody who likes QQ too! 😀


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