Kenji Wu … Total Cutie!

Kym and I had to honour to meet Kenji Wu in person on Monday (30 Jun) at the Copthorne King’s Hotel for a quick chat.

Amidst the interview, Kenji was capable of injecting some humour, tickling us journalists and letting his character shine through.

Kenji Wu was in Singapore last week – his last stop in Asia – to promote his latest album “Poems For You”, before heading back to Taiwan to prepare for his upcoming tour concert.

In this latest album, the songs were all composed by himself, and he even directed his own MV, named . Despite his setback with the lukewarm response for his first album, not only has he garnered many fans now in Asia, but also co-writing songs for famous singers such as Landy Wen and Valen Tsu.

When asked about where his inspirations for his quirky sense of music came from, he said, “Anything and everything, including movies. The drama serials could be a fun source, and since I love reading novels as well, I find some of them in there too”.

For this album, he has donned on a new style, one with the permed hair and “Prince Charming” vested attire. He joked, “The directors and my friends have asked me to stop curling my hair. They think it’s awful! But personally, I like it”.

Radio Heatwave recommends songs such as , a song which he wrote for one of his fans who was in her last stage of cancer. Other cute numbers include and , of course not forgetting its hit single !


什么东西 (The curly hair!)


Lastly, Thiang the blur one is obviously smitten with him, just that he oddly reminds her of somebody very much… hmmm. Do you think the same way too?



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