iHooked onto Illustrator!

Not that it’s of any big deal, just that I find that for someone who have always detests Illustrator is now addicted to playing around with the tools and bringing objects to life.

Perhaps it is the reason of what I saw at CrowdedTeeth (check my blog roll) that I am inspired to start doodling (by trackpad).

For each character there’s a reason for each element. These are all 2D vector graphics.

I hope you won’t be too harsh on me, I just started out but I would love to hear some feedback? ☺

It began with the birth of Baby Ray:

I saw something similar to this in a set of Photoshop Brushes so I made amendments and out pop blue Ray!

I continued developing the character. . . into the youth/young adult version:

Here he is the cool kid on the block who listens to great music and adored by many.

You know why the name Ray? Because he has a female counterpart, created by Magdalene (yes, she has a new blog!), named Dio. Get it? Ray and Dio. Ha.

And here’s the Pop Queen:

Very Magdalen-ish, isn’t it? I told her to do the heart-shaped shutter shades thingy coz’ it’s very hot right now. Heh.

Then there’s another stickie I did:

The red heart sticky thingy didn’t fall through though. It was further developed into a float instead:

For this particular one, I only liked the colour combination so please ignore the obnoxious grey patch >

My favourite is this evil “radiohead” character created by Darrick and I. I really like this! I feel the sense of achievement!

Note that his name is Noi-Z. Get it? Noisy, which we derived from bad music. Heh heh.

This one has no whatsoever relation to radio. I was just examining my watch and thought, hey, time is really important to me since I’ve been wasting so much of it (being late etc.) and that I got to start cherishing it, and then I start creating shapes. But I did include some radio-ish elements in it lah, if you notice.

It’s just something to remind myself.


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