Power Jam 2008

On the 29th of July, the RHW team headed down to Zouk to help out with Power 98’s event of the year – Power Jam 2008, which is also in conjunction with Singapore Music Award.

All of us except Marc, headed down first, because he still have to do broadcast and closing. Poor thing. Heh. The journey there was rowdy and fun.

Kooky Lamont and Kym.


I really must admit, the waiting time was awful. At Zouk, we had to wait for the sound checks and preparation, yet we have nothing to do. It got so boring we had to pretend Darrick was Grandpa and us the little children and he had to tell us random stories. 😀

Khurshed (we call him cool shit – it rhymes, haha) and Fendy.

The sound check took forever to get ready…

With one “louder!-softer!” group.

We had many self-entertain antics, one of which includes Lamont acting ‘mat’.

The night finally kicked off at 9PM when the guest had come in, and various judges (it’s about that I see Eunice Olsen in person!) seated comfortably. Before that Lamont and I were busying buying plain pratas as or stand-in dinner and got scolded by the Indian uncle. =,=

There were five competing bands and the first to perform was Soul Excess, who won the 5th position. I must say the female lead was very confident with herself though, and such powerful vocals she has.

Shareen was one of the fabulous host that night, plus she’s super hot!

After which there was a break and came West Grand Boulevard with their rock number. AND IN MY OPINION, I THINK THAT they look and sound oddly like Caracal. 0,0

Interview with the lead singer of West Grand Boulevard. You have no idea how disappointed Kym and I were when we saw him and his tall girlfriend making out at the couch at the VIP area after that. Haha.

Simonne seemed to be missing her home country a lot, because every time I see her, she is bound to talk about Australia. And there were no exception that night.

Up next was a all-boys band named Madhatter whom Kym and I thought was really good and ought to win the champion title or at least the second, but we were dissatisfied when they only got the 4th place.
Apparently, one of our course mates is in the band but due to attachment, they had found somebody to replace him as the drummer (cute). 😛

Another band that took the spotlight was Page, who had a really unique personality. They began their performance with, “This song is for (insert girl’s name) because we all hate you to the core”, and stunned the crowd.

Despite their outstanding costume of pyjamas and cross-dress geek, they really sounded quite impressive, clinching the second position.

Plain Sunset took the limelight next performing their award-winning song, named the River Song. 

(Photo and comment removed)

This was taken after I had my first beer. Lamont’s my “brother”!

Look how Elliot and Jensen plays the devil and angel with their extraordinary makeup. They gave away the Best Breakout Band to West Grand Boulevard.

The other band who used a female vocalist was Aurigami, who came in third.

If you are a Singaporean, you probably know Hossan Leong is one of the comedians who are really good at what he’s doing, and he did a damn good job that night as well.

Last but not least, the final band finalist was King Kong Jane, whom did a cover on Rihanna’s Umbrella, clinched the $50,000 worth of money and prizes. 😦

Lamont was so anticipating this duet named Jack and Rai to perform. He was nudging me constantly to pay attention to their music and he almost wanted to buy their CD. Haha.

I was taking this from quite a distance, just scanning for random shots when they already posed for me. So oh well, snap!

Seeing Khurshed means he wants to take photos, so I helped him with this one. 😀

Then I got one with Sebastian too. 🙂

The highlight of the night would go to this particular band, all flair.

None other than the Singapore’s Best Band, Electrico.

Intrigued by the way this guitarist carries himself.

Kym and I obssessed with looking at drummers like him.

The  voice and the keyboardist (whom initially made me thought that she’s a mute because she always look so quiet and cool onstage). Amanda shaved her head, yes! Either that, or really short hair.

Even though the competition had ended, I still had two drink coupons in my hand! So I went over to the bar counter with Lamont and wanted something cool. Since I want something non-alcoholic, I asked for recommendations.  Boy I knew all bartenders would suggest Shirley Temple – which I declined.

It was really nice of him to concoct a special one for me though.  🙂
Not to mention he’s pretty cute. He really does look like a Chinese, no?

Lovely Jo was there to help out the Jia people and I also offered her drinks! ^^

The VIP area was very generous with their servings.

And a big thank you to Mario who introduced us to a combination of drinks that’s super tasty!

Fendy was a busy man entertaining sweeeet clients. He looks grouchy here.

On a final note, I would like to express my gratitude to this special friend who came to pick me up from the dumps, if not I’ll probably end up in Daniel (psycho!)’s slump or something. And also for my unglam moments from the puking and all. Thank you.


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