I Ate A Tree Bark

Two Friday nights ago when I went fine dining for the first time, I was so inane that I ate a tree bark.

Mr. F brought me to The Pump Room at Clarke Quay and I was having dinner with him and Mr. DJ.

I picked a Salmon dish.

On top of it lies a piece of brownish thing.

Well, I didn’t know a tree bark can enhance the flavour of the Salmon, and stupidly ate three quarter of it even when I knew it tasted like rattan. It was pretty woody and I asked Mr. F and Mr DJ what that was.

Mr. DJ enquired a waiter nearby.

“Sorry excuse me, may I know what’s this brown thing on her Salmon?”

“Ah siiir, that’s a tree bark. It’s suppose to enhance the flavour of the Salmon to make it taste better.”

Me: *Credulous look*

The waiter then added a line.

“You’re not supposed to eat it.”

Both of them: “Ohhhhhh!” and proceeds to look at my plate, then up at my face, then burst out into laughter.

Woah, I am The Joke of The Night. :S


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