Poly Hangout

When the horrible semester ended nearly two months back, part of our old magazine group decided to meet up. I cannot recall who organised the outing, but I do remember that the outing was pushed back again and again for about three times that I thought we wouldn’t meet at all! So hell we all met at Esplanade, and it felt weird and good at the same time seeing them all again.

Credits to (slim *coughs*) Bruce for the photos. I had to gossip with Heather about boys and Nisha about her upcoming electives (then).

So while waiting for the boys to find their way, we just chatted non-stop before heading over to the Singapore Flyer to have Popeye’s. I mean, we came out all the way to catch up, at the sardine-packed fast food restaurant, great move. The surprise guest appearance was none other than…

The emo kid, (Tyler) Goh. While the rest of us were busy taking photos, he was frantically hiding behind a pole or walking around aimlessly.

Bruce on the other hand brought his new snazzy camera and was shooting away (Ya ya, you lost weight). 😛

We really just stood around at talked and Heather and Selwyn thought of this brilliant idea to Stomp a news, which DID got into the forum and a heated discussion. It was fun nonetheless! 😀

We ended up sitting on the rooftop of Esplanade and continued our conversations.

Well of course he’s not interested, it seemed lah. Haha.

Nini still looked the same and sounded/behaved the same, but Bruso had indeed became slimmer and even more act dao. Haha.

Heather and her sexy legs! (Suj will dig this.)

That would be silhouettes of Sam and I against the lights.

I know he looks good in this shirt, but don’t you think a smile would complete the picture? Oh no! Am I even allowed to post this up?

Ah Bruce, I love this photo that you took. Heh. Very artsy-fartsy in my opinion. Hur.

At 11PM they were closing, and we got chased away. I met up with an old friend who happened to be around the corner…

I think.


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