Dawn’s Wedding Day!

It began like one of those days where we were back in primary school, waking up super early in the wee hours,  prepping for war.

6 Sept was the faithful day that my cousin is going to get married to her Prince, William.

Thankfully, I managed to convince Ed to drive Sis and I to Dawn’s place (West side = far!!). Heh.

My close friends would know that I am never a morning person – which means I don’t like to talk, or experience temporary inability to respond – and so I was yawning and dozing off in the front seat (also because it was damn comfy).

Sis on the other hand had the mood to occupy herself behind.

Clearly, us three are the last “sisters” to arrive. The tools that were needed for the gate-crashing later on were already on the table. On top of that, the sisters had already decided on the white-colour theme for the day, and gold-ensemble for the night.

I usually don’t have the habit of eating breakfast but over there we were served with soft drinks and the wedding cake as breakfast (super unhealthy can) and I refused to eat. 😦 I never liked fruit cakes anyway.

The guys had a theme of their own too! Other than William as Prince Charming in White, the rest were Knight in Shiny Black Armour of black suits! Despite the fact that it looked cheesy, I must admit that the men looked well-groomed and suave. They even brought along the wooden stand to hang their blazers on outside the door! Hilarious.

The games include “Swing the carrot” and “Sing Doraemon in Mandarin”, but mainly revolves around William needing to answer the questions posed. And if he fails to give the correct answer, the boys had to complete the forfeit (which they totally cheated) and did not even give the angpows!

Dawn woke up really early in the morning to prep herself, alongside her makeup artist and hair stylist (did a fantastic job with her hair).

Dawn’s mom, my auntie, looked a lot better with make up that day (and night). She was still quite weird as per normal though…

Apparently, the boys love the chilli padi and lime and dark chocolate combo. Sigh, so disappointing! They had to act as if they had a really hard time just for the cameramen! *pouts*

Eddie being one of the “sisters”, had to be adorned with flower wristband. It’s pretty! Hell, it’s still in his car!

Before the men came, we were touching up on our makeup and walking around aimlessly while the photogs in the house roam around freely, snapping away at every. damn. thing.

I’m curious over this traditional setup or fruits and incense paper but I didn’t enquire.

Looking out of the window we hear loud honks over the next 5 minutes or so. The boys were so rowdy downstairs (I wonder if any neighbours complained!) and attracted lots of attention (seriously, I think that was their point).

In the room Dawn was busy beautifying herself and I now completely agree with the phrase, “Woman looks her best on her wedding day.” It’s true! No matter from which angle you look at her, she seemws like the happiest and most gorgeous in the world! She was still busy chatting with her soon-to-be hubby on her mobile. =,=

Dawn let William off too easily! He didn’t even have to do much to enter the room, and much lesser to even kiss the bride! But I got to admit they were super-duper sweet and from the bottom of my heart I was so envious.

It was a convertible that William drove in! I heard it’s an S2000. Veterans, is it or not ah? It was black and sleek and vintage and chio and… … damn that car is nice.

I didn’t notice Derrick (the photog) took this picture. I love it, especially when he blurred my face and highlighted my late grandmother’s sister. Whenever I meet her during gatherings, I never fail to exclaim how much she looked like my grandmother who passed away in April.

My parents dropped by in the early afternoon after the gate-crashing for the tea ceremony. It’s feels damn good to be surrounded by relatives, “brothers” and “sisters” while watching the entire unveiling scene.

My tak glam photo with Lilian and Diana: I think we were in Dawn’s room getting ready to take group photo.

We followed the cars (and men) to William’s house and then to Dawns and Williams’ new place (so awesomely nice!). There these two cheeky boys played a trick on me to guess in which shoe on the floor did they hid the door key in (they gave me three choices but it was in none). Roar.

After the whole ceremoney ended we proceeded to a Church near VivoCity (I don’t know what it’s called) because Dawn wanted to take photos. Sadly the doors were locked so we could only take on the outside. We took many photos there but especially liked the “brothers” one when they acted “cool”.

From left to right top row: Francis (married with kids!), {insert name!}, Roland, Zhi Wei, William {surname}.
Extreme right: Dion
Middle and squatting: William the Groom and his blood brother on the left.

We all split up from there, wishing to go home for a quick nap but didn’t get to do so. The  helpers had to be there early at 5.30PM to help co-ordinate the banquet and reception. It was funny we all did not adhere to the duties on our worksheet, but rather we formed our own tag teams and I was paired with Rollie (haha, just kidding), Roland.

Dawn and William wanted to beat the traditional march-in so they compiled a photo montage and prepared a song as well. “Sisters” will march into the red carpet first, with candles on our plates. They bullied me because I was the youngest and made me entered first. 😦 I was trembling so bad in my heels.

Nonetheless I enjoyed the walk because it felt glamourous (heh!) and guests were suposed to be like, scratching their heads and wonder where the bride is, when Dawn started singing Come What May with William joining in after that.

You could see from their eyes how much they loved each other when they sang the song with so much feelings and passion even when some of the elderly disapproved of their singing.

The banquet was held at Raffles Stamford and I was amazed by how the whole hall was decorated. Very, very nice. (And expensive too.) Plus the food was dope!

For the second march-in, William and Dawn wowed the crowd with a short dance of Waltz before the toasting ceremony.

We were all invited up stage to do the big Yam Seng for the newy weds. I must say that was one the happiest moments for the day for me. Hur. Except for the incident where by the stupid waiter knocked my glass of champagne on my hand and into my dress, wetting my neck below. He didn’t even bother bringing me napkins or apologise!

When it comes to the speech, it was a huge blow:

Seriously, William began his thank-you speech with that line and it shocked all of us. Actually, it was a twist that he wanted to create. Dawn and him broke up once before, but now “the ex-girlfriend have been upgraded to be my beautiful wife…”

*cues “Awwww”*

What a plot! So scheming! But he walked away with his pride glowing and both of them in a happily-ever-after look on their faces.

After the generous banquet dinner, a group of us decided to head down to MOS to club. Heh. My first Sambuca shot, amongst the Vodka -whatever- and Martell Green Tea, I puked again. =,=

The important people had to send away the guests and after that we did a signature “huat ah!” group photo that turns out lovely. 😀 So happy.

Since Dawn and William were staying over at the hotel for a couple of nights at the highest floor, we went upstairs to explore the room.

Damn the view was breathtaking! I could even make out the F1 tracks, Singapore Flyer etc.

I ❤ weddings! Please do not fail to mail me an invitation when you're about to get married! 🙂 Hee.

P/S: Those very nice photos you see (click to enlarge) are credited to Derrick Ong of Darrick Ong Photography. Thank you Dawn, for uploading the pics to Facebook/ Friendster.


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