Merry Christmas ‘o8

My Christmas Eve was spent in school with BoyThunder and Eil doing our project work (so loser-ish I know). We had the companionship of Gibby’s as well.

As usual, Gerald and I would be late, only this time he was way later than me.

He saved his own ass when he lugged a bag of goodies and passed the tidbits around:

Heh. It’s been a long time since I last received a candycane! So we all starting tearing off the wrapper and eating it. That was my lunch by the way, and decided that it was not right. So I head over to the vending machine to purchase the tapioca chips, and it got stuck in the machine. =,=

By evening, I’ve found myself a new shopping kaki, and I love him! *rubs palm with glee*

My Chirstmas countdown was spent playing Cherades, Pictionary and Uno. I also shared my UP and DOWN for the year, and guess what was my answer for the UP part?

Getting to know a new bunch of friends from this place called CowboyBar. I said,

Even though the age gap between the youngest barfly to the oldest barfly is not exactly small, we get along just fine and they are a group of very nice people!I like spending time together with them.

But of course I have yet another UP too. 😉

QQ received a present that she didn’t really fancy.

 I think it’s the bells. And the sizing is wrong. QQ’s head is too small. 

But she looked absolutely adorable in it. *rubs her face*

Okay, I’m off to work! And for the first time, we get to wear our own clothes instead the usual uniform for work! I even bought a prop to go along with my “theme”. Heh.


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