On Dogs…

It’s been some time since I catch the blogging bug. Mommy and I both blame it on the new social media called Plurk. This micro-blogging gadget came in so handy for the ever-busy mommy, she can update her thoughts and whereabouts at any time of the day within 20 seconds.

Blogging on the other hand requires lots of time and effort.

Anyway, the reason why I decided to blog is because Mommy just read an two entries on Bear’s blog, and she seemed very very furious. Last weekend, Bear’s Pa had text Mommy regarding the accident. Mommy and I are ashamed of ourselves for not following up on this issue.

Nigel looks like he’s in so much pain! I hope Nigel a speedy recovery. Please let his jaw heal by himself and no need to amputate his jaw. 😥



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