All The Riches They Own…

I never thought I would be stuck in a part-time job for so long. What was supposed to be a 1- or 2-month(s) job turned out to be 10 months and still counting. 😦

Damn it sucks to be poor sometimes.

It’s depressing times like these that I imagined how good it would be if I were one of the customers there. Money would never be an issue to them. Even the younger generation have the capacity to spend. And I’m not even talking about gatherings or birthday celebrations. The pub is like their second home, they spend four to five days a week here, for hours.

I must say, this pub isn’t exactly the cheapest place. In fact, it’s one of the most expensive bars I’ve ever come across. Anyway, just today I found a huge contrast between a Singaporean blue-collar worker VS foreign expatriates.

When the Singaporean buys a pint of Kilkenny, this will take place:

He will then reluctantly digs for his wallet and make sure that he gave the exact amount.

But when it somes to the fair-skinned, their reaction were complete opposites.

Most of the times, they will give $15, and nonchalently say, “it’s okay”. Either that, or frown when I return to them with the three dollars change. See, they’re so used to tipping such that they find it insulting if I return them the spare coins!

Those foreigners who prefer to open a tab with their credit cards, if they’re in good spirits, would proceed to buy rounds and rounds of booze, shooters and food for everybody present in that table (even when they’re complete strangers). The bill at the end of the night can easily cough up to a few hundred dollars (the largest that I’ve handled was about $800+) and he’ll still top up the bill to tip us $– or $—.

Just how much richer are these foreign expatriates?!

Damn it, and yet I’m still struggling to find a job…


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