End of Muddy’s Phase

I’ve been away for quite a while, caught up in my stagnant life, but I think it should be time that I pick up the pace again!

Though graduated a few months back, I haven’t done anything constructive at all, except you consider being rejected by the local universities thrice in row. 😦 Oh well. There’s always the private and overseas aren’t there?

Remember I was working at Muddy Murphy’s Irish Pub? Well it was my final shift last week! Can’t believe I was there for almost a year! It started as a part-time school holiday casual job and then it dragged on. Hur hur.

There were of course great times and bad.  One of which I’ll remember:

I was doing my dumpster duty, so we were lugging bags of stinky garbage and I got the shock of my life. There, laying at the foot of the huge bin, was a erm, real raw leg’s lamb. I don’t know which restaurant (or even Muddy’s!) it came from, but it was very, very disturbing. There’s not proper discarding of animal’s parts meh?! 


I think I’ll stay away from mutton and lamb chops for now.

Then there was also St. Patricks day where the staff and management wee super duper busy that night. It was insane. We had a great Irish band playing traditional Irish music, and fake tattoos was a must! I started the whole Guinness trend that night and customers followed suit (oh it was free to get yourself painted, as many as you want!). :d

Heh. I also had a glitter clover on my face. We held a little celebration afterwards with champagne and beer, and only went home at 7AM. That was one of the days I went without sleeping for almost 24 hours. Power~

I’ll be missing some of the buddies there like Kumz, Zar, Cliff, Eadie and Don.
It’s funny how some only start contacting you only when you leave. Keeping a professional boundary? Hmm, odd.

Anyway, I’m currently busy with the weekly performances at the National Day Parade 2009. Yep, I’ve resumed dancing at People’s Association. I really had to push myself to catch up, and I know I still am not doing enough yet.

Though I must boast, I’ve mastered some “stunts” back. 😀

I have a new dance partner, Clement. He’s very hardworking too, making speedy improvements and swinging me despite my weight.

The costume looked really horrendous this year and did I mention last week we were dancing finale on stage and it rained down so hard on us but all performers were to remain where we were! We were utterly soaked, not helping too when the skirt’s damn heavy.

I absolutely love the music compilation this year. And me being me, the semi-pirate, I’ll always find my way to get them! Now I already have most of the songs! Tee hee hee.

Okay, so I HAVE to sleep early tonight considering I have a bloody long day tomorrow.

* Oh, pertaining my personal life, aye, I’ve loved and lost, laughed and lamented. He was once a darling to me and quite a darling himself, but now he has chosen the taller one from his past as his darling. All is fair in the game of love; As much as it gets underhanded, somehow they were forgiven. At least I have some memories that I’ll hold on to. :’)

For updates and photos, please go to my Facebook and/or follow Plurk (yes, I’m on it again!).


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