Drinking Habit

It’s funny how one who used to be afraid of drinking now gets intoxicated for 5 nights a weeks! (Okay maybe only the past week.)

I recall the first time when I was offered a shot of Bombay and I was so frightened I backed out, requesting for only half a shot, alongside with salt and lemon. But that was just the beginning. And that first shot was damn shiok, thanks to ahtiong.

Since then, I’ve been to numerous sessions, got myself high (never drunk), puked occasionally and drown sorrows. Correction, drinking alone doesn’t drown sorrows, but having alcoholic fun with friends is what help me cut loose from those tiresome thoughts.

It’s also important to have friends who are sultry-looking, loves boys and grooves to the music.


Then sometimes if you’re lucky you’ll have a knight (albeit not in shiny armour) to take care of you in times of need (down days or being bullied).

Got to cherish such bonds.
 Out of all these drinking and grooving, I got to meet new people (some very talented) and pull strings *ahem* to shorten the queue. I also took mental notes of humans’ behaviour around people, as well as the pricings and special offers at different locations. Well that’s about how good as it gets. 
Then there are also those people who can never drink but is willing to sacrifice if the need arises:


This particular one breaks into a horrible rash when his lips touches alcohol.
However, I am not in a “party animal” phase at all. I am just merely having more free time at hand for the time being, let’s just say I’m trying new things and doing things one step at a time.
…..at least until I’ve healed. 


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