Pasar Malam

The last time I been to a pasar malam was some time last year. So it came as a surprise when a pasar malam that lasted more than a week stopped by under my housing estate!

It was a Friday afternoon and surprisingly, Sis and I were chilling at home, both lazy and complaining about the non-existent lunch. We decided to go for a SHORT walk downstairs and see if we can grab any food.

As I picked up the keys, QQ made a weird yap and gave “the puppy look”, with her tail wagging. Apparently she wants to come along with us. Sis was skeptical but I managed to persuade her.

QQ normally needs time to warm up before she can behave well outside. 
Though she did give us a bit of hell downstairs, I kept her in control.
Ah there! 🙂

Note: Uncle from the Chicken Chop stall asked if I want to let QQ mate with his male MS. (0,0!)


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