Baby Surprise

Last week an ex-colleague of theirs came to drop a surprise visit to her co-workers at the office.

All the reserved aunties were instantly transformed into overly-anxious grandmothers.

One quickly wrapped the boy’s legs with a cloth, another one eagerly carried him in her meaty arms, rocking him while breaking into a lullaby.

Aaah. The happiness of being the little one.

Baby Ding Heng not only have a nice name, but a nice smile too.

Soon, more and more of them came into the room just to have a look at him, stroke him, make silly faces at him. And then he giggled.

I couldn’t resist.

I also came forward to brush his cheeks.


Too cute to resist.

I’ll be the mother of my baby in say…7 years’ time.
That’s if my marriage goes as planned.

And not like what my friend said, “You will marry late, and only the second marriage will last”.



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