Barflies v 3.4’o9

As usual, the barflies are always up for some fun, music and booze down at Wala Wala almost every Thursday.  Sometimes, it’s good to see some people getting older as they stupidly choose to celebrate their birthdays there…

But the joy he received in exchange, I would like to think it’s worth all the purging pain. 🙂
(Ah yes, we, or rather a few of them, have their own T-shirts for Thirstday).

Sometimes, barflies come and go, going MIA then come back. Oddly I feel happy when I do get to see them once in a blue moon.

I often wonder if this group will ever disband, or just how long I would stick around in it…

Sometimes, it feels good to be part of a clique where you feel good just hanging around people with common interests, getting to know them better, eating good food…

Sometimes, along the way you get some privileges and get to enjoy the ride…

Other times when there’s no celebrations, you just need a place to wind down and forget reality for a night…

And sometimes, barflies travel around the world to come back and tell you all their great adventures…

But it’s not always at Wala Wala. We do venture to other outlets when there’s free alcohol/club passes involved…. (:P)

I guess what’s most important to me is that even though some of them appear to be ignorant and selfish, you know you will have a friend. They are trustworthy that way – to make sure you’re sent back home safely when you’re drunk *coughs* Merlions *coughs*; to make sure you don’t feel emo 24/7; or even to be your listening ear/makan kaki when you need one.


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