QQ Turns 2

Last Tuesday my darling companion turns two. Yet, she does not look her age, nor behave like a normal 2-year-old dog. When I age, I hope I can be like her (only the former since she still looks like a puppy! Definitely not the latter because I’ve already surpassed that stage, muahaha).

In human years, she should be 14 years old. This means she is in the rebellious stage filled with lots of angst, teenage problems to deal with and also puberty. And damn right she’s a furball of trouble. She disobeys me, sometimes do things to get the wrong attention, and eat a hell lot.

The little rascal will do the cutest, weirdest and darnest things.

Having QQ is like prepping myself to be a mom. I’m not sure about the other pet owners, but they seem to be keeping multiple pets with ease! But here I am scratching my head asking myself how on earth do they find all that time to cope so well. 😦

I guess that’s the difference between a good parent and a bad one. 😦

So anyway back to her birthday, I needed Uncle TK and Rachie Cheh Cheh s’ help to throw a half decent celebration for my girl.

TK brought Ozzie along too, but to my huge dismay the Rottie duo did not join us. 😦

We had a nice dinner around Katong area where the C.Nai Hongkong cafe allow dogs to be leashed outside.

Right across the road is a petrol station and a nice, clean pet shop where we got her birthday cake.

Yes, bakery and pastries dedicated to canines. A pity that Ozzie couldn’t share it with QQ due to her ultra sensitive skin.

BB was supposed to drop by and say Hi too but his Pa and Ma decided not to bring him in the end.

I know. QQ only has a friend for her 2nd birthday, who can’t eat the cake. Not to mention she have to be leashed up most of the night while we eat (sorry Qtie).

Nevertheless, I hope she had a great time gobbling down the pretty cake all by herself, and the human companionship.

Happy Birthday QQ. You better don’t come home pregnant or die on me anytime soon! I still need you for at least another decade. Understand?!

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