Ah Dai The Friendly Giant

NOTE: Stupid draft system did not manage to post this up that was scheduled in early Dec. Tsk.

I am such a hermit!

For the past two months when I have been to U Petgamart at Pasir Ris, I did noticed Ah Dai’s disappearance. However, I thought he was just out for a walk, training or something. I only found out today that he had passed away for 2 months!

According to the sources, it was due to some heart problems. It was a sudden death. Sigh, he was such a great dog. Ah Dai is Petgamart’s resident pet dog (Great Dane) for years.

Every time you enter the shop, he would come forward to greet you or be seen playing with kids/staff/other furkids. QQ have also been playing with him on several occasions, and I personally like him quite a bit too.

The first time I saw him I was slightly intimidated for being in such lose proximity with such a huge canine. I am damn goondu, thought he was an overgrown Dalmation. *face palm*

He is very much well-liked and popular in the whole dogosphere, considering that just by Googling his name, you get multiple results of him written by bloggers; Discussions in dog forums; Twits even; Heck, he even had a proper news article for his cremation ceremony.

We seldom see such big, friendly dogs around here very much. What a pity, Ah Dai is still so young (3 yo +)! Great Danes normally lived up to 7 years.

Rest in peace big guy! You’ve lived well, loved and be loved by so many people!

Disclaimer: Pictures used are not mine. Just wanted to show how Ah Dai looks like. Thank you.


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