Noise Singapore 2010


I’m terribly sorry for not writing on this, was so busy during that period of time! Nuffnang very nicely invited us to visit the Noise Singapore 2010 showcase cum opening at Raffles City on 26 Feb. The showcase lasted till 10 March.

In case you didn’t know, Noise is an initiative of the National Arts Council, and Noise Singapore is Singapore’s foremost youth arts festival, dedicated to creating noise about the creative talents of youths below the age of 35 in Singapore.

Instead of presenting these works in conventional exhibitions held at predictable spaces, Noise works will be seen and heard across all media channels such as the Internet, radio, television, magazines and newspapers, allowing them to be seen by the world, enabling the nation’s best young talents to get spotted for their creativity.

These young talents doesn’t just restrict to graphic artists or painters, it also extends to budding musicians and entrepreneurs with ‘crafted’ talents.

I mean, artists get to sell their handmade art pieces during the showcase event this year.

On the website, you can still see the submissions and winners for the past year. Or better, join as a member and start contributing to the arts scene! 🙂

The event had a theme to it this year – Rooms/studios.

For example, this is the “Workroom”where they have the biggest printer I’ve ever seen:

Followed by the “Makeup/Photoshoot Studio”:

Each of us were given a goodie bag as well and in it are the finalists’ work, stickers, CD (just to name a few) in support of the YOUNG local artistes.

Will you make some Noise next year?

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