Grandma Turns 67

Ah, the feisty woman.

At her age, she’s having the time of her life now, travelling around the world every week/month, taking breaks in between to take care of her two grandsons. I really do hope she’s happy.

It was a simple fare at her place, with a buffet line and a durian cake (her favourite).

Green Man overslept, he was supposed to join me and a few other friends for a swim first. Surprisingly, he took a bus with me instead.

Unlike the senior citizens I’ve encountered, this woman is neither frail nor gullible. She can still get the way she wants things to be done. Heh.

That’s the whole extended family excluding dad, who had to work that night. Looking at my cousins growing up so fast makes me age a little faster (and I’m not even 21!). 😦

Grandma pulled me close to her right before we took this picture. She said something in my ear that I wasn’t supposed to tell anybody, but it was hard to resist! A warning for me not to introduce another new face to the family again after this, and I’ll definitely work on it ma’am!


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