Nuffnang: The Sorcerer’s Apprentice!


In this entry, we’re on a topic of my favourite genre – Fantasy and Magic. Disney Studios has once again prepped us for a spellbound journey in the upcoming movie The Sorcerer’s Apprentice.

Produced by the same person who brought us The Pirates of the Caribbean, I am really eager to watch this movie starring Nicholas Cage(as Balthazar Blake) and Jay Baruchel(as Dave Stutler){last saw him in She’s Out Of Your League and he’s so funny}.

To create the magical feel of the movie, this is what I’ve created:

(click to enlarge)

It’s from a tutorial I learnt HERE, and pictures from the official movie site. (Thank you!)

Here’s the trailer if you haven’t already seen it (they’ve been investing quite a bit in the big screen ads):

Of course I’m going to expect elements of magic like fire, water and even lighting! The cuts from the trailer are quite hilarious aren’t they?

B: Every sorcerer needs, a nice pair of pointy shoes.

*B throws shoes to D*

D: These are old man shoes.

*D looks at B’s black oxford pointy shoes*

B: Excuse me?

D: Er, I love them. A lot.

But if I were a sorcerer, I would want to possess the ability to teleport. or in Harry Potter terms, disapparate! Not flying, mind you, it’s a spell/power used by witches/wizards/sorcerers to travel instantaneously.

I would then use my acquired skill to travel the world and bring news/information around the world to us. I’m no superhero so I doubt I can “save the world”. Maybe I can help lost families reunite or help a person to travel with me to see their long-distance partner. Something like that would be cool.

Catch The Sorcerer’s Apprentice Movie starting from 22nd July 2010 and join the Walt Disney Studios Singapore official Facebook and Twitter page!


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