Stretch Your Dollar With OCBC Yes! Card

To me, stretching my dollar means finding the best deals before I spend my hard-earned money. For example, discounts, one-for-one deals or privileges.
See what arrived in my mailbox – my very own OCBC Yes! Card. And now as an OCBC Cardmember, I get to enjoy the following privileges and much more.
0000-0130hrs – Midnight KTV @ Partyworld
Spending: SGD60/head (approx) during Golden Hour
Privilege: 10% off bill
Savings: $6/person etc
0130-0300hrs: Shop Online
Spending: Say I want to buy this dress for the longest time, and it costs about SGD130 excluding shipping.
Privilege: 25% discount OFF your shipping weight for every shipment you make
Savings: I’m not good with this because I’ve never done with before but I know I can save quite an amount if I want to purchase more stuff from other sites like VS, Fredflare and ASOS.
0300-1030hrs: Sleeping
Spending: None
Savings: Yes!
1030-1200hrs: Breakfast @ Hotel Re!
Spending: SGD 25/person
Privilege: 10% OFF Total Bill at Re!Fill & Re!Wine
Savings: $5 for two
1200-1330hrs: Go shopping for Green Man’s underwear at Calvin Klein
Spending: Ranges from SGD$30-$60 /pair
Privilege: 20% OFF Calvin Klein Underwear; Plus get a FREE pair of Calvin Klein Underwear flip-flops worth $39 with nett purchase of $200.
Savings: Either $12 for 2 pairs or $40 for 4 pairs + flip flops for him
1330-1500hrs: Lunch @ Zenshin Sushi
Spending: SGD40+ for two
Privilege: 10% Off Total Bill
Savings: $4 +
1500-1630hrs: Shopping for Mini Cooper bikes (Gosh I love them designs and brands so much!)
Spending: SGD$599
Privilege: Enjoy S$99 off on the following models*
• FDB 206 Folding Bike in British Green (usual price S$599)
• City 206 Standard Bike in British Green (usual price S$699)
Savings: $99
1630-1800hrs: Exercise @ BorderX & Climb Asia
Privilege: Up to 40% off* purchases in retail shop
• Up to 20% off courses
• FREE 1 hour taster session with min. spend of S$100
Savings: $27.20 + discount on equipments + free climbing hours
1800-1930hrs: Dinner at Casa do Churrasco
Spending: SGD40+/adult
Privilege: Weekdays night 1-for-1 Dinner (Adult at $40+ / Child at $18+)
Savings: $40+
1930-2100hrs: Watch Fried Rice Paradise in support of The Arts
Spending:SGD 186 for two
Privilege: 15% OFF for all OCBC Cards
Savings: $27.90
2100-2230hrs: Catch a movie at Golden Village
Spending: $8/weekdays + $10/weekends
Privilege: Movies at reduced prices!
• S$7 on weekdays
• S$8.50 on weekends (Friday, Saturday, Sundays, eve of Public Holidays and Public Holidays)
• S$1 OFF OCBC combo meal of the week
Savings: $1/movie on weekdays + $1.50/movie on weekends
2230-2400hrs: Chillin’ at ChinaOne
Spending: SGD50 (approx)
Privilege: 20% OFF on food and beverages
• 25% OFF on beverages on Sundays only
• FREE entry for OCBC Cardmember and 2 guest on weekends and eve of and public holidays
• Present your OCBC Credit/Debit and ID to receive a FREE bottle of champagne on your birthday
Savings: $10 or more on Sundays! Plus free entries and/or free champagne
And just like that, I’ve easily saved about $200 and that’s how I’ll stretch my dollar with the OCBC Yes! Card. :d
In conjunction with the OCBC Yes! Card Challenge, I decided to compose a ‘poem’ just for fun:
OCBC Yes! Card is the one card you need,
For students like me who watch my spending.
Into my wallet and lifestyle that perfectly fits,
The possibilities of saving is never-ending.’
They round your purchase to the nearest dollar,
Doubling my spare change plus rebates going to my account,
It is such a great idea I wanna holla!
It is almost like a new friend found!
Months ago I lost my Ez-link card,
No transport card so I almost went nuts!
But fear not because I can now use another card, Yes!
That also comes with Ez-reload
That tops up my card automatically when the amount runs low.
Wave your card to make payment,
Like maybe you went shopping at Giant.
With payWave there’s no need for PIN number, Yes!
Neither do you need to sign,
Just tap your card on the logo with curved lines.
So convenient because it’s all-in-one,
Thus bring it overseas if you want.
One of my favourite service will have to be banking from the comfort of my home. For 24 hours, 7 days a week I can use OCBC Internet Banking to conduct my transaction (if you know how much I shop online).
I’m thrilled. In fact, I’ve already used it more than once while out dining within a week. What, it’s too convenient to not use it. Besides, charging the bill via Visa will allow me to enjoy a fee waiver on my following card anniversary.

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