#Bigbangwedding: Searching for Wedding Bands + Review of Fairy’s Inc

We (by “we”, I mean mostly me only lol) began our search for the wedding bands the earliest.

Before all the wedding planning started, C and I sat down to discuss what are our wedding priorities. The wedding bands came out tops so that was the first segment I started on.
Initially I didn’t plan to spend so much on the bands since I already got a very pretty engagement ring, and therefore didn’t mind if it’s not gold or anything. But he was rather particular and wanted something that’s very “us”. His reason being this is the only piece of jewelry he’ll ever wear and for the rest of his life so he thought the investment was worth it. (Aww)
I went on etsy first and proposed several ideas to him including:
geeky rings — but it didn’t make sense coz’ he doesn’t know binary


wood x titanium rings

rings with customized thumbprints

I got in contact with the thumbprint ring seller (based in USA) and was told that they are unable to help as they will need to send me a mold for the rings and they will not do it for anywhere outside of USA.
Retail Shops
Then we decided online may not be a good choice also since we can’t try and see the actual rings before purchase. I also went to almost all the ring brands in the shopping mall. I would suggest ION Jewellery Street since most of the retail shops are there. The staff are more attentive/friendly and are able to do some level of customization within the shop that other outlets in heartland malls are unable to.
Soo Kee’s rings: Able to choose colour and shape (sharp or round edge)


A pair of the rings at these shops range should be around $2,000+.
However, the collections are more or less similar or limited, but these 2 did stand out from the rest –
At SooKee’s Brilliant Brides event. Outlet at Wisma Atria
Tip: Attend workshops and read broadly to find out which jewellery to go with the gown, and what cutting suits your body shape best.
Specialized Shops
During the period of the ring hunt, I was also reading bridal magazines and bookmarked Ling Jewellery as well as Fairy’s Inc. Ling was located at Orchard Hotel Shopping Centre (then) and Fairy’s Inc at Delfi Orchard.
We spent a good 1.5 hours at Ling’s, who provided great service and very patient with us. They tend to have a lot of celtic designs and mixture of different materials/colours (my colleague got her weddings bands there and her ring is in black!), but rings are also highly customizable there.
At that point we were quite sold to Ling’s, but then I said no harm checking out Fairy’s to see their range, even though they are more expensive. The shopfront of Fairy’s is pretty — clean, sparkly, white with pink accents– like a princess’s tale.
For some reason we were a quite intimidated but because the staff managed to propose something that C likes, plus her knowledge in my engagement ring (we didn’t say anything at all), he was sold. We started with the design of my ring.
C wanted me to wear both my rings together after marriage so we had something customized to match my Paloma Picasso Crown of Hearts.
Because my engagement ring was already rather thick, the wedding band has to be kept slim. I couldn’t make up my mind but I knew I wanted these 2 elements:
– Rose gold (always my fav)
– Scallop edge

She recommended diamonds to go with it too and I fell in love with the heart-shaped diamond. Added only one ($$) to anchor the ring.

The rest of the scallop “dips” is decorated with small round diamonds. I liked that different sides of my rings can be in different gold, so only my top and bottom is in rose gold, the exterior and interior white gold.


Perhaps you would also notice that when I finally stack my rings and when worn together, it looks like my engagement ring is wearing a Heart Crown too, geddit geddit? Hahaha
Anyway I have friends who thought this set was one ring itself, so I’m quite pleased with the end product. Just a bit disappointed that the heart diamond looks smaller than expected and I never knew the carat of it. :/ Is it important to know?
For his ring, he browsed the shop looking for ideas. He had an equally tough time choosing because he didn’t want a plain band. The designs I chose for him were too girly lol.

He later on discovered the beauty of the matte hammered gold finish. To complement my ring we wanted to add a ‘heart’ element to it, but if carved outside, it is too girly. Sandra from Fairy’s Inc were very helpful in giving ideas and also sketching the designs out.

She suggested having half the heart hidden/folded, and we added rose gold colour to fill up the heart portion. His ring also has a more subtle scallop edge design to match mine, layered on top of the base ring.


Last but not least, instead of carving just dates inside the rings, we carved “#bigbangwedding” (yes with the hashtag!), the date (on mine) and a picture of us stargazing. After all, we wanted a space-theme wedding and we made sure the rings were covered too 🙂  The picture engraving is done using an actual back view image of us, with his arms over my shoulder. That makes it even more special for us.
His ring has the picture engraving of our back view, and mine of the stars. So when you stack our rings together…


Tadaaa, us stargazing! 

The rings were presented nicely to us in a white box, with a layered floral petal design. We collected the rings 9 months before our wedding because we wanted to our photog to take pictures of them during our pre-wed shoot.

C and I are pleased with the end results!

Overall, I feel like we’re paying more for the ‘brand’ and the marketing efforts. For the price we paid, I later found out we could have easily gotten rings of more prestigious brands from the boutiques. Fairy’s Inc is probably more suitable for their diamond engagement rings because the details to each ring is much more worth the money in my opinion, and the designs beautiful. The collection of engagement rings is gorgeous.Service wise, Sandra was good. Although initially we were quite intimidated, it got better over the few sessions. They also allowed us to shoot part of our Tuesday Report in the shop, and helped us “act” too. Hehe. 😀

Personal ratings – 
Service: 4.5/5
Quality: 4/5
Design: 5/5
Price: 3/5

Fairy’s Inc 
Delfi Orchard #03-03
402 Orchard Road Singapore 238876
Tel: 6235 5570www.fairysinc.com/

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