2nd SG50 Engagement and Networking Session


PM Lee delivering NDR 2014

In the recent National Day Rally, PM Lee Hsien Loong has already made announcements on their big plans to celebrate our nation’s 50th birthday in 2015, and even went a step further to briefly introduce the Pioneer Generation Package. This is only just the beginning. There will also be a SG50 Seniors Package (by Ministry of Health) to offer seniors exclusive discounts and privileges. To celebrate Singapore’s 50 years of nation building is a huge affair and many programmes and plans have been put in place to honour the jubilee celebrations.

Organized by the SG50 Partnership Committees, industry leaders and entrepreneurs from different associations/sectors come together to brainstorm for ideas to contribute to celebrations, and it is a privilege for me to attend the second SG50 Engagement and Networking Session earlier this month. The session first shared some of the plans for SG50.


Before that, can I just digress and mention quickly that the opening skit item was amazing?!? The use of audio-visuals, multimedia, combined with the actors’ performance, was so meaningful and engaging to tell a Singapore story, I enjoyed it tremendously.

That was followed by an opening address by Mr Chan Chun Sing (陈振声, wanted to write this down because I always forget his mandarin name), Minister for Social and Family Development, who is also the advisor to the SG50 Partnership Committee.

Singapore50 is an exciting milestone event and these are some of the highlights that interest me:

  •  Marina Bay Singapore Countdown to 2015

Don’t say I never tell you, but this year’s countdown will be even more spectacular than the usual as there will be a specially choreographed musical fireworks and wishing spheres afloat at the Marina Bay area.

  • SG50 Lecture Series (Q4 2014 – Q3 2015)

Seize the opportunity to hear from thought leaders who will share their perspectives on Singapore’s achievements and future development, and at the same time give your reflections and feedback (NOT complaints please, more about that later) through these lecture series.

  • SG Heart Map (March – October 2015) 

Recall the places closest to your heart and contribute to the SG Heart Map, a composite of 50 memorable places of significance to Singaporeans, by co-creating sketches, poems, photographs and short films etc.  Mine would be … Queenstown and Ang Mo Kio neighbourhoods!

  • SEA Games 2015 (5 – 16 June 2015)

The 28th Edition of the Southeast Asian Games will be head at our new National Stadium! Come and show your support for Team Singapore.

  • National Day Parade 2015 (9 August 2015) 

Needless to say, this WILL be a night where many Singaporeans shed tears of joy. I’m getting excited just thinking about some of the performances will be! :’D

Next year on, it’ll be the time for seniors to shine! Looking forward to hear stories from the pioneer generation. 🙂

I wish I could say the same for the second part of the session. It was unfortunately a drag because the Q&A session became an outlet for some of the opportunistic guests to rant/whine/complain about the current state/policies making them unhappy and what they think should be done etc., which has nothing to do with SG50. *twiddle thumbs* And it went on for almost or more than an hour.

Having said that, I thought that interviewees Mr Chan Chun Sing and Ms Elim Chew both handled the situation very well though.

Picture 3_lowres

Last but not least, if you’re a local businessman/woman/CEO/company and would like to be involved with SG50, you may want to do the following:

1) Organize company activities and events for employees to raise funds for the Care & Share Movement

2) Sponsor cash/vouchers/gifts for SG50 events

3) Produce marketing materials to highlight your company/industry’s achievements 

You can visit SG50Partnership, or email your proposal(s) to

Email: SG50@msf.gov.sg

Tel: 6354 8452 / 63549844

Website: http://www.SG50Partnership.sg

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