N.E.mation!9 Top 100 Briefing & Sharing Session

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 12.20.27 am

N.E.mation! is into its ninth season this 2014/2015 and secondary students have formed groups of three or four to join in this nationwide contest to create their own animation to tell Singapore stories.  The best student animators will win the grand prize of learning from top animators from Disney/Pixar in USA!


When I reached NYP that Saturday, the hall was filled with excited students from the Top 100 teams.


After registration, the students met the judges and all the important people that will be guiding them along the way.


Let’s take a look at this year’s competition timeline:

  •  6 – 13 Sept: Top 10 selection phase (From 100 -> 40 -> 20 ->10) –

And the Top 10 teams are …

Team Name School
Acrylics Raffles Instituition
AlphaCrescent Crescent Girls’ School
Believed Beliefs CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls’ School
Chunky Monkeys Singapore Chinese Girls’ School
Elemonators CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls’ School
HigherThanYou Cedar Girls’ Secondary School
IDK Raffles Girls School (Secondary)
JJKN59 Kent Ridge Secondary School
Millennium Dragons CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls’ School
wasd Commonwealth Secondary School
  • 17 Nov – 5 Dec: Top 10 teams undergo 3-week production mentoring (super intense time for them~)
  • Jan 2015: Judging (50%) & Public voting (50%)
  • Feb 2015: Award Ceremony
  • June 2015: Animation learning journey in USA!


In the process for vie for the top 10 spots, the teams have to work around the themes given, which are closely related to our SG50 campaign next year –

  1. Believing in Singapore: Because This is Home
  2. Pioneers
  3. Forward-looking
  4. SAF50

I thought the topics were really relevant and interesting and I’m looking forward to the works from the Top 10 teams!


I spent the rest of my afternoon listening to six special invited speakers.

    1. Colonel Andrew Ching, Ex-Commissioner of Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF)
      • Colonel Ching came across as a very patriotic individual who spent all his life dedicated to train young men with the mission to protect Singapore.  He shared with the students his career story with SAF and SCDF, how tough the officers’ training were and showed us some old photographs in his presentation.
    2. Sam Kang Li, Ex-Photojournalist, Mulitmedia Storyteller at Little Red Ants Creative Studio
        • Kang Li’s presentation was short and sweet, because he prefer using powerful visuals to share his stories. His most notable work so far is “At Our Doorstep Project”, which was even mentioned by PM Lee at the National Rally! I was so impressed with his work I have to share it here:

      At Our Doorsteps from Sam Kang Li on Vimeo.

At Our Doorsteps: Exhibition from Sam Kang Li on Vimeo.

  1. Mr Julian Goh, Director (Capability Development), Centre for Liveable Cities 
    • Mr Goh shared with the students Singapore’s plan for the future and the development of Jurong town in the near future.
    • OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADuring the Q&A session, there was a secondary student (not the girl in pic) who asked him about Singapore’s take on alternative power sources, whether we’ll consider nuclear power and if we’re going to be an underground country in the future. I applaud the student for his contribution and concerns, and thought that the questions these students posed were excellent.
  2.  Mr Bernard Miranda, Director of National Maritime Operations Group
  3. Mr George Madhavan, Director of 3P Network Department, PUB OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
    • Rallied the crowd by giving away Water Wally plushies if they answered his 3 questions   #winliaolor
    • Talked about our National Taps (I didn’t know! :/), the approaches taken to ensure good water supply for the country and NEWater (Like!)
  4. Ms Ivy Singh, The Fortunate Singaporean Pioneer (and Warrior)
    •  Ms Singh was clearly the crowd’s favorite, speaking with lots of confidence, channeling positivity, cracking jokes and just being her bubbly self. She even brought props (towel, penknife etc.) to illustrate her stories. She was just so different from the average senior citizen you see on the streets, super funny old lady.


The entire cohort took a group photo/video with the speakers and went for tea break. Afterwhich, we were greeted by yet another funny man, Ramesh Muthusamy, who then presented on Presentation Skills (the students had to pitch their ideas two days later).

presentation skills

Cedar giggling girl sitting behind me had a surprise visit from Ramesh. My Saturday was definitely well spent being exposed to all these bright students and inspiring individuals, and even I learnt something that day. 🙂


Visit N.E.mation! 9 official site and subscribe to the Facebook page for all the updates on the nationwide competition!


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