Clover Films SG – Asian Movies Fall 2014


The husband and I attended an event presented by Clover Films to introduce some of the upcoming films that will be screened in Singapore. Some of these titles include:

      • 一个人的武林 – Chinese action movie feat. Donnie Yen (甄子丹)、王宝强、白冰、杨采妮 ++ as a tribute to all the martial arts actors in the industry.
      •  单身男女2 – Features delicious cast members (古天乐,高圆圆,杨千嬅,周渝民,吴彦祖) in a Chinese romcom.
      • 招魂  (The Eyes Diary) – Thai horror film!
      • 黄金时代  – Chinese art drama film feat. 汤唯 & 冯绍峰; a movie that I’m keen to watch:
    • Haemoo – Korean drama based on a true story, feat. Park Yoo-chun
    • 大宅门 – Taiwan chinese comedy feat. Jam Hsiao (蕭敬騰), which my husband is very keen to watch lol :
  • Finally there’s also 痞子英雄黎明再起, a crime action film which I’ll be catching tomorrow evening! 😀


All group of us also gathered to discuss some of the consumer movie watching trends and criterias when it comes to movie selection. I enjoyed taking a more critical view, and found out that I am attracted towards movies with good videography and new faces. The storyline may be predictable but the way a film is presented in terms of photography and acting can really make a big difference.

Before we left, we even won the 1st prize for the mini lucky draw held by the organizers! Thank you Clover Films SG (follow their page for movie ticket giveaways or chances to meet your favourite Asian movie star)! 🙂

Photo-50 copy


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