N.E.mation! 9 Ambassador & Production Visit #1 – ACRYLICS

While other students have collected their year-end results and happily spending their hard-earned holidays with families, there are groups of students (10 to be exact) who are still working long hours from Monday to Friday (and sometimes even Saturdays!) at Nanyang Polytechnic.

Who are they and why?

I am referring to the Top 10 teams for N.E.mation! Season 9 (#NE9)! 


The N.E.mation! competition is back for its 9th season, showcasing the best young animation talents in Singapore.  The 3-week production has begun and this week I went down to meet my two teams. I’m proud to be the ambassador for two of the best teams, Acrylics (#NE9C01) and Millenium Dragons (#NE9C09).


The 3-men team from Raffles Institution– Brayden, Kok Hai and Clarence — makes up Acrylics. The team is led by Clarence because he is the eldest, although the smallest physically amongst the trio (hehe). After the brief introduction, the boys guided me through their storyboard concept, as well as their choice of medium – digital 2D animation using leaves.



In the story, four different types of plants are used to represent Singaporeans of a different generation. I thought that was brilliant and really meaningful. I won’t be sharing which plants they chose to feature, lest I spoil the surprise. 😉

Also worth applauding was their school teacher, Ms Xie, who stayed with them till after 7pm on the evening I visited! I like how their teacher was so proud of them and their work she even showed me their presentation of the storyboard to the Nexus team, complete with the boys singing and accompanying actions. Gotta say they deserved to be in Top 10, haha.


And then this happened:

They are

Brayden have been working on photograph of faces the past few days, and this is where they got their inspiration from:

Animated bodies in JibJab style.

They also aim to give the faces animated expressions. The bodies and backgrounds will all be hand drawn.


Although the boys are good at sketching with pencil and paper, they have not drawn using the tablet before and that took them some time to get to use it. From the looks of it, I would say their first attempt at digital art is very impressive. I’m not sure if you can see it, but the different limbs and body parts are done in different layers in Photoshop.

Besides the imagery, the boys also wanted to tell the story through a catchy song that they penned themselves! The tune is catchy, and the lyrics were well-written! Probably helps that they are a pun-ny bunch (see below sketches on their initial ideas).


When asked what are their biggest challenge so far, the boys answered that it was the lack of manpower and hence they are a little behind schedule. I guess they are started to feel the heat from their neighbors!

When I first entered their tent I received a pleasant surprise! The boys have prepared a simple welcome banner for me!   –


Such gentlemen! :’)

The boys are definitely an outgoing bunch who are also immensely talented and hardworking. Even through the short interaction I could tell that they are very cooperative and perserverant. I love their positivity!!

Please show your support for the RI boys, Team Acrylic, by liking them on the NEmation Facebook App Page. Follow them on instagram @ne9acrylics; and all their feeds HERE. They are pretty active on all social media platforms.

I beLEAF you guys will do great, keep it up Acrylics! 😀

Thank you for the warm welcome, guys! Also, I finished the 旺旺 on my way out because I got hungry. :O