Reflections – Entering 2015

It was an evening to remember.

The fireworks was spectacular, the atmosphere was electric. I mean, almost every single person at the Marina Bay Singapore Countdown was in such high spirits.


I guess I am lucky I was one of them. I was supposed to be stationed outside Esplanade, with backstage access to have an unobstructed view of the fireworks (my request); but my husband and I was too engrossed in our conversation of our plans in the New Year that we missed the cut-off time to make it back. Due to the massive crowd, it was almost impossible for us to get backstage access unscathed. Some of the audience had after all stood there for hours to get a good view. They “chope” the space with the bigass tripods, portable seats or get their cousins/neighbours/classmates/colleagues to join them thereafter.


My husband and I was re-routed to the Helix bridge, along with 2 other blogger brothers and another photographer from the print media. For a good hour we stood at a special cordoned-off area meant for the media, taking pictures of#selfies and the view. The Helix Bridge wouldn’t be open to the public until the last 30 minutes. It was a blessing in disguise!

Our new allocated spot was AWESOME.


Husband against Singapore’s skyline like a boss waiting for countdown; (left) Special SG50 logo on ArtScience Museum

We were trying to sneak a couple #selfie but the crowd behind yelled “BO JIOOOO!!!!!” at us, one of the best moments that night. It looks like this:


It was at the last 15 minutes that a number of the famous Duck Tour boats came and parked below us, carrying VIPs to catch the fireworks.


Hubs said he thought the long fireworks display was extraordinary, and he finally got to see the full extended video projected onto The Fullerton Hotel (it had a LKY segment). Although we didn’t have tickets to watch Big Bang up-close, but from where we stood we could hear the entire concert performance at the Floating Platform.


MediaCorp Presents: Celebrate SG50

This is just the beginning of all the SG50 activities that are happening throughout the year!! Be it a big or small part, the organizers have definitely put in a lot of effort into THIS countdown.



You see, that’s the problem with me. I was privileged. I am privileged (in certain ways). We are privileged as compared to many Singaporeans. Yet sometimes we take things for granted. I do so unknowingly, and I feel like crap when I do realised it. I want to increase my self-awareness on this flaw this year.

The first quarter of 2015 is almost gone in the blink of an eye. In January, hubs and I were just so busy with all the renovation work, building furniture and shifting in because we had to be ready for open house and move in before Chinese New Year.  Then came February where we start to unpack, clean up and hosted multiple housewarmings, get-togethers (thank you guys, feel so loved!)… We were both exhausted because on top of that he had drama rehearsals and I had dance rehearsals.

Now, we aim to get our house fully set up and focus on our health and careers.

The news of Mr LKY being dependent on a machine has definitely put a damper on the SG50 spirit, considering that we all secretly wish that he would be there to wave his frail arms on 9 August this year. Either way, I hope he gets better soon.


2015 (SG50) will be a remarkable one, I’m sure. As a nation we take a big step forward. As Singaporeans, we are going to take on more responsibilities as new homeowners. I cannot describe the joy of owning our place, but the household chores are seriously no joke. My mom would have said,

i told you so!


Here’s to many more great 50 years. Looking forward to enjoying more SG50 perks and attending events, and most importantly, to catch NATIONAL DAY PARADE (balloting please, please let me win the tickets)!


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