Plus! Presents Zumba Fitness

You got exercise one meh?!

I may not look like it, but as a matter of fact I do. Well, it depends on what kind of activity too.

I haven’t been exercising much in 2014 so when Nuffnang asked if I was keen to join a Plus! Programmes Zumba Fitness event late last year, I immediately agreed.


Zumba is this Latin-inspired dance-fitness programme that is pretty popular in Singapore in recent years. I know a couple of friends who go for these classes on a weekly basis. Our instructors of the day were from 1Fiesta. To have an idea of how an outdoor Zumba session with them looks like, watch the video below:

It may not look like much, but try it yourself once and you’ll be guaranteed a good workout session. I guess the best thing about Zumba is that it doesn’t matter what age or fitness level you’re at, you’ll still be able to join in the fun.  The instructors are usually very energetic to motivate the crowd, and the rest of us will follow whatever steps they’re dancing to.

While I enjoyed being a part of Singapore’s biggest Zumba event, I gave up after the second hour because I was exhausted. Can you believe that some of the participants actually went on for 4-5 hours?? Amazing stamina.


Plus! Presents Zumba Fitness

To cool myself down I spent some time at some of the booths located outside the tentage. The Coca-Cola booth was quite fun as we get to complete different game challenges and earn free Coke merchandise, and the HPB booth was promoting their 1 Million KG campaign.


Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza

Like many others, I always thought the Plus! Programme (LinkPoints anyone?) was only utilized with grocery shopping at Fairprice. Currently I only have the basic black Plus! card, but I’m considering getting the NTUC Plus! VISA card since I visit Fairprice quite regularly these days -__-. The following cards under NTUC Link can help you earn LinkPoints:

Plus! Card
NTUC Plus!
Plus! VISA

So besides holding events such as the Zumba one that I attended, they also have another incentive program called Plus! Rewards where you can redeem your points for something more! For instance, regardless of the following Plus! cards you own, you can use these points to either do partial/full redemption for musicals (uShow) tickets; redeem them for activities (uExperience)  such as simulation flying:

Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 11.50.16 pm

Alternatively there’s also uBid, where Plus! members get to use existing points to bid for a listed prize item (weekly).
If you’re still not interested in any of the above, sometimes it’s just more practical to use your LinkPoints to redeem dining/shopping vouchers under “Top Favourites“.
The Zumba event was a success and I look forward to more Plus! Prgramme Health & Fitness related activities this year!

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