My then-boyfriend and I started with just filming for a pilot variety show program on Channel U where a few couples pitch their wedding idea/concepts to a panel of judges. The final two couples will take part in a full-day challenge to determine couple teamwork and communication. Although we won, the program didn’t take off. A few months later we were offered to take up a Marriage Preparation Course [MPP] (which I strongly recommend by the way!), and at the same time approached by Channel 8 to share our ‘love journey’. We were featured in one of the Marriage series, episode 3:


Channel 8: Tuesday Report – Marriage Matters – Episode 3 (星期二特写之 想婚了- 第3集)


After that, we were also invited to talk about the series on Good Morning, Singapore. And then once more after we got married to talk about settling down early. The national average for Singaporean females to get married is approximately 27.7 years old, while I got engaged at 22, and married at 23.

This year, we were interviewed by Straits Times Life! on our thoughts and experience for the MPP:

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 9.12.03 pm

For the full story, you can click into the picture. 🙂


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